Sudatonic 4+

Sudatonic 4+ is an elimination compound which contains vegetal extracts and targets fat retention. With the heat provided by the heating blancket, your body will sweat, in order to regulate his temperature. 

The thin layer of SUDATONIC 4+will prevent the perspiration to evacuate, and push your organism to use the energy from the fat excess reserves needed to overcome the "Sudatonic 4+ barrier". This intense elimination will leave your skin soft and radiant after one sessions.

 1kg jar



Milk protein

Lactis proteinum extract

• Tensor effect

• Smoothing



• Slimming : fat burner

Papaya extract

Carica papaya (Papaye) fruit extract

• The papain enzyme destroys dead skin cells

• Regenerating

Ivy extract

Hedera helix (ivy) leaf extract

• Draining

• Anti-cellulite, the lipids contained in the fat cells of the skin are absorbed by the bloodstream and then eliminated

• Firming action, decreases orange peel


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